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Scaffolding Health and Safety

Here at P and O Scaffolding, we offer a highly controlled approach to working at height.  As a well established Sussex-based construction sector business,  scaffolding health and safety could not be more important.   Compliance matters.  And, it matters a lot.

Obviously, construction sites can be dangerous places, so nothing comes close.  It’s our top priority.

Our Health and Safety Promise

  • Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment

  • Creating working conditions and behaviours that minimise risk

  • Delivering best industry practice in health and safety

Not only do we demonstrate robust care and protection towards our in-house scaffolding team, we’re also mindful of the wellbeing of everyone on or near your site.

These could be other tradespeople, the general public or of course you – our client.

From the bottom up, P and O Scaffolding is a business that’s all about delivering great customer service within a solid safety framework.  Therefore, we meet all the requirements under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, 1999 (as amended 2006).

This is all about doing the right thing.  We’re always looking to improve, too.

Scaffolding Health and Safety Starts with A Secure Design

High standards of health, safety and welfare start with reliable, detailed drawings.

We design each and every structure with care, often by bespoke calculation if the project is substantial.  This way, we create good strength and stability both during its erection, use and dismantling.

Project Scope

We’ll factor in ground conditions, the positioning of the structure, its likely use, height, length, any access issues – everything in fact, for a safe space in which to work.

Everything is safeguarded and nothing is missed.

During the Project

We’re happy to work in close collaboration with your site manager.

By law, every P and O on-site scaffold team has a member who has received health and safety training.  Likewise, we keep up to speed with all the latest legislative changes and good working practices, including regular toolbox talks.

Together with careful team supervision by a more “advanced” scaffolder, everything is done by the book.

Other training essentials

All P and O Scaffolding team members undergo rigorous training in every aspect of their roles, as well as how best to keep themselves, and others, as safe as possible.  This includes First Aid training, H & S Levels 1, 2 and 3, Manual Handling Level 2, asbestos awareness and many other certified courses.

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