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Scaffolder in East and West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire

P and O Scaffolding Ltd delivers reliable, professional commercial scaffolding services in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. We have the resources, experience and strategic expertise to support the needs of larger construction businesses throughout the whole of the South East.

We’re experts in design, logistics and health and safety. In other words, modesty aside, we’re very good indeed.

P and O is a scaffolding contractor that really understand the often-complex dynamics and methods of a construction site.

Essentially, our role is to enable your contractors to work efficiently with secure, well-designed, perfectly positioned scaffolding. P and O Scaffolding helps your team to be directly in front of where they need to work, with no compromise on safety. It’s all about bespoke design, build and the best possible working practices within the scaffolding industry.

Unsurprisingly, we’ve built up a solid reputation for our high-quality scaffolding services. Above all, this is due to our experienced team.

So, who are we?

Richard Plank – Managing Director

Richard has over 25 years’ experience in the construction sector, only in the specialist scaffolding trade. He’s been in senior roles for high-profile scaffolding contractors, using his strategic and business development skills to deliver substantial increases in turnover in each role.

Within P and O Scaffolding, Richard’s results-driven approach underpins everything he does. He believes strongly in close working partnerships and teamwork, not only with stakeholders but also with clients.

Paul Ockenden – Director 

Paul has several years’ expertise in the construction sector.  His knowledge and understanding of this often challenging industry enables him to provide invaluable input into the successful management of P and O Scaffolding.

Paul maintains important working relationships with our clients and supply chain.  His focus is on securing like-minded positive contractors, with safety high up on our priorities list.  With strong commercial awareness and extensive industry experience, he helps our business to deliver services of the highest quality.

His approach:  Is P and O’s initial quote the cheapest  you will receive?  Well, possibly. Possibly not.  However,  Paul knows how to manage and reduce time delays.  The result?  Your construction project is more likely to be completed on time and within budget.  P and O will in all likelihood end up being more affordable than that initial cheapest quote you received.

Jason Purnell – Director

Your construction project demands timely results.  Jason’s skills, expertise and understanding of team work has made him one of the most successful people in the sector.  He is a true leader and knows how to bring out the best in the team, regardless of size or type of project.

Working together, with common goals and objectives is essential.  A highly motivated, cohesive team delivers excellence at every level.  Not only is Jason a great communicator, he also understands the psychology that supports his “people skills”.  With an emphasis on productivity, Jason knows how to get the very best out of the team.

Terri Russell – Business Development

Terri’s verbal and written communication skills are second to none. Her role at P and O Scaffolding is to develop our business, and to make sure that we manage our clients’ expectations to the fully and without compromising on standards. As you can imagine, her OCD tendencies come in handy!

With a previous career in property development, Terri understands the importance of customer care and pro-active client management.

Michael Thomas – Contracts Manager

Michael has extensive experience within the construction industry and is responsible for managing your contract with us.   When it comes to the management and delivery of your project, Michael is a safe pair of hands.  With a pro-active approach and outstanding attention to detail, he’ll make sure that you’re fully up to speed with progress and advise you of any issues that arise (and how we plan to solve them).

Kevin Clarke – Advanced Scaffolding Manager

The safety of your construction project is at the top of our priorities list.  Kevin Clark is our Scaffolding Manager whose task it is to ensure that each and every P and O Scaffolding rig reaches the highest possible safety standards.   Kevin’s extensive training, experience and skills will give you the peace of mind to know that we meet fully the rigorous rules set out in the Work at Height Regulations, 2005.

Kevin will check and inspect each scaffolding rig, and will document each inspection in a written report:

  • After installation, and prior to being used
  • At least weekly thereafter
  • Following adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rain, snow or high winds

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