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How We Give Back to Our Local Community

P and O Scaffolding is a successful scaffolding business. Without local customers we wouldn’t be where we are today. So, we understand how important it is to give back to our community. It means a lot to us to support various projects, initiatives and by extension the people who benefit from them in Brighton, Hove and throughout Sussex.

Moreover, the team here at P and O is super-aware of how construction work affects the environment and the world we live in. We only have one planet, after all. Once our resources have gone, they’re going to be very hard to replace.

So, we thought we’d let you know about our sponsorship strategy, why we’ve chosen these particular projects and importantly, explain our efforts to be as green as possible in a sector renowned for its ecological impact.

Shorewick United

P and O Scaffolding and P and O Bricks are pleased to announce that they are the proud sponsors of the Shorewick United home and away kits for the 2024/2025 football season.  

Brighton Pride

Could anything be more exciting and uplifting than Brighton Pride?

P and O Scaffolding is proud to work in such a vibrant, tolerant city, and totally delighted that we live in such enlightened times. That’s why we took the extremely easy decision to sponsor one of the floats in the parade. Here we are, just about to join the fun:

Paddle Round the Pier

This fun, charity day has become a highlight of the year. Paddle Round the Pier is huge!  But, as always, it’s safety first. Supplying the materials for the event’s key attractions made sure that everyone enjoyed themselves without a second thought. And, we’ve booked for next year’s Paddle Round the Pier, too.

Steyning Football Club

Our local football club deserves our support,  so we’ve supported the club financially through means of a board at the ground, and a camera on the tower.

Hangleton Rangers

Our local football team ALSO benefits from funds and assistance. When you next go to a game, whose name is on the team’s shirts? Well, ours of course!

Green Initiatives in the Construction Sector

We own all our materials. Everything is extremely high quality as we knew it needed to last. Why does this matter?  Because it’s the ultimate in re-cycling and it conserves resources. Not only can we turn around jobs faster, it means that our customers can rest assured that we’re doing our bit.  Actually, is also enables us to be more competitive, too.

Where we can, we use the services of local businesses. This reduces transport miles and of course, helps us to boost our provincial economy