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Commercial Scaffolding Services in Sussex and the South

We’re P and O Scaffolding.  We offer high quality commercial scaffolding services throughout Sussex.  In a nutshell, we design, install and dismantle scaffolding towers and equipment for major commercial and office construction projects throughout the South East.  Whether you need scaffolding for a new-build office block, a renovation project or a period restoration to commercial use, now is the time to give us a call on 01903 898 878.

P and O Scaffolding could be THE professional scaffolder that you’ve been trying to find for some time, but never actually quite found them. Well, here we are.

Construction in the South East.  Is the outlook set fair for commercial scaffolding?

Although cranes and diggers appear to be everywhere in London, looks can be deceiving. Unlike many others, this is an industry at the sharp end of the economy. Like a chronic light-sleeper, the construction sector responds to every movement and reverberation from the financial markets.  Ups and downs.

However, large building projects are now on the up. There’s good news, too. It looks set to continue. Cranes, diggers and scaffolding are a healthy sign.

Working with P and O Scaffolding on Your Commercial Building Project

The team here recognises your imperative: to deliver your construction project to your client on time and on budget. Every non-productive day wastes money and incurs costs. Essentially, time is money.

We never forget that important fact.

At P and O Scaffolding, we’re all over this. Our approach is strategic, and we identify with your needs. We offer you literally the right platform(s) to get the job done.  This is a provider of commercial scaffolding services unlike the rest.

Every single commercial building project is unique. With scrupulous bespoke designs, robust across-trade collaboration and excellent project management, with P and O there’s no waiting around. Neither are there costly mistakes with the scaffolding design to hold things up. Just a safe, super-secure platform with access to every single area that needs work.

Safety First (and second and third) in commercial scaffolding

The safety of our employees, your team and the general public is paramount.  With P and O, there are no compromises. There never will be. From the quality of our training through to our “continuous improvement” style of working, we minimise risk throughout. Not only in tools and equipment but also in working practices and behaviour.

Read more about our focus on health and safety.

Commercial Scaffolding from P and O Scaffolding

No matter how large or complex the project, we have the resources, skills, equipment and vehicles in-house to deliver bespoke scaffolding designs that work first time.

Contact us today.  Let’s talk.

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