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Scaffolding Contractors in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire

In our opinion, and probably yours, scaffolding services in the southern counties are VERY competitive.  The construction sector is growing, but there’s pressure to deliver projects faster, with tighter budgets.  What’s more, when it comes to scaffolding contractors, we know that you have a substantial choice.

So far so obvious, but here at P and O Scaffolding, we’ve avoided the race to the bottom.  For this reason, most of our work involves higher level, larger commercial construction projects.  Why?  Because as experienced scaffolding contractors, we have the skills, resources, equipment and customer focus to deliver them.  What’s more, we care deeply about what we do.

And, our rates are competitive.  Worth contacting us?  Yes, we think so.

Here are just a few reasons to work with P and O Scaffolding:

1. We save you time and money

A bold claim, but one we can substantiate.  Not only do we own our own yard, all our equipment, vans and trucks, we’re a business without debt. We’re self-contained and successful.

For scaffolding contractors, this matters.  Having everything here speeds things up.  Specifically, it ensures excellent health and safety, not least because we maintain everything so well.  Being debt-free  ensures business stability.  Taken together, we deliver faster, more efficiently and at more competitive rates than many in our industry sector.

Given that scaffolding is an essential part of construction, we’re the credible scaffolding contractor that could make all the difference.

2. Your Business Matters to Us

Our Managing Director, Richard Plank, has worked in the scaffolding sector for most of his adult life. He can spot an excellent (or poor) scaffolding structure at 50 paces. He knows what will work.  And, what won’t.

Importantly, through our MD we offer a clear strategic approach. P and O Scaffolding is proud to offer you our core values of professionalism, integrity, safety and reliability.  We believe that scaffolding is about human beings; people, in other words. People creating spaces. And, we want to help you do just that – as easily as possible.

3. Great Design Skills

With experience comes knowledge.  With over 24 years’ knowledge comes the ability to create scaffolding designs that work.  We know the information we need from you.  Also, we have the attention to detail to put it into a workable design.

Our designs suit your project and they enable collaboration with other trades.

Scaffolding Contractors for 21st Century Construction

We’re keen to prove ourselves as innovators. We do things differently for our clients. Not only do we have great systems, tracking procedures and excellent time management skills, we’re one hundred percent reliable.

We turn up on time.  In smart, branded uniforms.  We collaborate with your teams. If we see better ways of doing something, we’ll suggest it.

Time to Get in Touch

So, is a combination of service delivery, a customer-focused approach and competitive costs a good reason to contact us? We couldn’t possibly say, but it looks good, doesn’t it?

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Here are just a few reasons to work with P and O Scaffolding

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