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Brickwork Contractors in Sussex

P and O Scaffolding works in close partnership with P and O Brickwork, well-established and high quality brickwork contractors in Sussex.  Run by Jason Parnell and Paul Ockendon, P and O Brickwork works on a wide range of commercial brickwork projects throughout the county.  We work with a skilled and loyal team to deliver even the most challenging of projects to a superb standard.

Our clients rely on us to deliver on time and within their budget.  And, we never let them down.  How? Because we’ve developed our business through hard work.  Not to mention an even harder-won reputation in a highly competitive industry sector.

In summary, P and O Brickwork provides commercial brickwork services for a wide range of buildings.  Our team delivers and installs brickworks on office blocks, factories and retail units.  We aim to combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest production techniques.  The difference is clear.  And the results?  Essentially, our business can save time and money within your construction project.

Expertise and Excellence in Construction

P and O Brickwork has a robust quality management system in place.  Essentially, this means that we ensure that each and every stage of the process is carefully controlled.  A project manager will check each completed floor, and we’re happy to comply with any quality management systems that you may have, too.  It goes without saying that we miss nothing.

In a crowded sector, we stand apart from our competition.  Why?  Because we know brickwork.  We understand the know-how and expertise that’s essential for great, long-lasting results.  Our team know what will work – and what won’t.  You need your project to be delivered on time and fully within budget.  Therefore, with our combined forces, P and O Scaffolding and P and O Brickwork are your construction dream team, although we say it ourselves!

Business is all about people.  Essentially, we’re team players who like to build long-lasting relationships with Project Directors.

We’d pleased to join your supply chain. P and O Brickwork has experience of building long-lasting relationships with Project Directors. Business is about people and working together as a team.  Let us help you deliver excellence without compromise.

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